Dove Step

If you have not delved into this world of unrelenting Turtle Dove endurance before – here is a quick intro:

Dove Step entails my friends and I enduring for Turtle Doves, by undertaking arduous journeys to raise both awareness and funds for Operation Turtle Dove.

To date, we have raised almost £16k and endured over 1740 miles for Turtle Doves, across three journeys and just 55 Dove Step days.

Dove Step has drawn a line from the North-East of England to Tarifa in Southern Spain, via a 300 mile walk connecting the Saltholme and Lakenheath RSPB reserves, Channel distance sea kayak, 700 mile cycle/ walk the length of France and the last journey – a complete walk of Spain.

The last journey comprised a 704.5 mile walk undertaken in just 28 days and with no rest days – connecting Tarifa beach in the south and Gijon in northern Spain, a complete on-foot crossing of the entire country, cumulating in the crossing of the mighty Picos de Europa.

Our efforts aimed to mimic the twice annual migratory route of our UK Turtle Doves.

Whilst we are not in a position to deliver a fourth journey at this time. We can stay ‘Dove Step fit’ and test ourselves to our absolute limits. You do not need to go all the way to Everest to do this. With a little imagination you can reach and hopefully exceed your limit from your own front door.

To this end we are going to cycle 160 miles – the furthest we have ever cycled.

Then run a marathon26.2 miles.