Dove Step does Migfest…

Welcome to Dove Step 3.1!

Dove Step 2 saw us enact our version of a triathlon – a 700 mile sea kayak, cycle and walk. This time it’s a duathlon; a cycle – run effort taking us to Spurn and specifically Migfest.

Dove Step 3.1 will see Nick Moran and myself cycle 160 miles from Thetford to Migfest at Spurn – around 50 miles further than either of us has cycled in one day before.

Then, the next day run 26.2 miles – a marathon.

We will be joined by our support crew; Mr Malcolm Fairley (of Dove Step 3 and U.K. bird watching infamy) and Mr Charlie Moores (long distance cyclist and natural world broadcaster).

A challenge should be that – challenging.

We have no idea how our bodies will feel at the 100 or indeed 150 mile mark of the cycle… then no guarantee our legs will be in a state to run the next day.

Why are we doing this? A number of reasons:

  • We should all go to Migfest! The late great Martin Garner and Andy Roadhouse have a left a legacy which is the bird watching event of the year.
  • To boost this years Dove Step fundraising.
  • Migfest is a celebration of migrants and the monitoring of migration by the BTO, SBOT and humble bird watchers like you and I. Turtle Doves are a star migrant!
  • To remind you to log your Turtle Dove records so that they’re available for conservation; via BirdTrack.
  • So you don’t forget Turtle Doves and you don’t forget Dove Step.


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